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Hand Made Italian Ceramics: how to spot a fake


Before finishing the work of his life and paying an incredibly low price for what looks like a wonderful piece of Italian Dinnerware, stop and read these simple guidelines.Believe me, the shops are full of rubbish.

Many good ceramic products made on machines and are sold as Italian Pottery, perhaps, from respected regions, like Datura.

Finding a falsification can be quite easy. Follow these simple steps.

1 – Rotate the Italian ceramic part that interests you up and make sure there is an un mated area.

This area, usually a circle, shows a natural color brown-orange terracotta (biscuit). Bisk is sometimes made of gray white clay, often used for small pieces, but is always clearly visible.

Now you will wonder why this detail is so important.

Let me remind you how a modest terracotta turns into invaluable Italian Pottery. Prior to effective hand painting, the master deeply immersed the terracotta in a sieve containing quick-drying liquid icing. This fine powder will prevent color

The paint becomes very sticky during cooking. That’s why an expert artist assures that his great Italian ceramic products do not touch during filming and carefully remove the enamel from their base.

2 – Touch the glaze area. This should be difficult.

If it is white and smooth, they are not the original Italian Pottery of traditional materials and technology.

Sometimes you can still find the sign of a long clip that is used by artisans for its pottery ictus: the two tiny points, which are usually located close to the bits of the board.

3 – The brushes must be visible.

Italian ceramics are always painted by hand, and if you look closely, you will see simple channels that contribute to the beauty and art of your room.

You will never forget the look of the Renaissance portrait, and it will be difficult to believe these colorful and animated characters painted by no more than 4 or 5 colors.

My suggestion: Take a look at Italian ceramics as much as possible.

Surf the Internet, read books, visit museums, visit exhibitions, visit shops in your city, and touch them. Your senses will get used to their patterns, their shapes, their appearance, and their feelings. And in a few years your experience will match your passion.

Meanwhile, if you want to create your own Italian Dinnerware collection, buy from an esteemed reseller. Someone who wants to tell you more about the song than on his award, who is happy to spend time teaching those who know the artist’s name and offers a clear return policy.

About a year ago Manuela and I decided to change our professional life and transform our passion into a real job.

We spent a great deal of time visiting the most famous Italian ceramic centers to choose the portions of dishes, plates and decorations that we liked the most.

Life is tough, you have to think.

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