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Hand Painted Italian Pottery vs. Decals


Italian Dinnerware

From time to time, I find people asking for Italian Pottery cost and get surprised of some of the items online. You will be astonished to learn $30 for a mug, but why is the price so high?

Handmade Italian Pottery

Regarding handmade, hand-painted Italian Pottery commonly called Maiolica is considered more expensive than low-fired, machine-made pottery. You have to pay high, as it was not stamped from a mould. It was carefully turned on a potter’s wheel by hand, high-fired, dipped in white glaze, then hand-painted and adding various pigments that are coated with clear glaze to protect the designs.

They are even hand-fired a second time or even a third time for extra durability.  Considering that much work for one item it has to cost a fortune.

Living wage for its artisans

If we believe these facts and processes, the Italian pottery offers a living wage for its artisans. 38 dollars for such a beautiful mug, a handmade piece of functional art from which you enjoy your day to day rituals of sipping morning coffee sound like a reasonable investment. Find out more in this site : http://www.artistica.com/

It is worth paying more for a luxury item, one that will bring joy each time you put it into use.

Find cheaper imitations

If the cost worries you, you can always find limitations of Italian pottery out there. First, know what you are buying and buying from who. Don’t buy from stores who outsource from companies that use decals to maximise profits rather than painting the piece entirely by hand.

Decal decorations from a distance or untrained eye can appear to be hand painted. A closer examination will reveal identical “totally imperfections” from Dinnerware t Dinnerware.

What to consider when buying  Italian Dinnerware?

In many cases, the workshops that are using markers have the decals applied in China and the pottery is then sent to Italy, where an encounter stroke or two may be added (often by non-Italian workers!) so they can claim that their pottery is “handcrafted in Italy”.

This is an unsuccessful and very deceitful thing that is stylish in the Italian pottery domain these days, but you do not have to become a victim of false advertising. Fortunately, if you know what to look for and trust the people you buy from, you can avoid being duped.

History of Italian pottery

Italian pottery is beautiful art, refined over hundreds of years through inspired artistry in the expert hands of highly skilled Italian artisans. The rich history of quality Italian artistry is the basis for this beautiful art, and artisans have devoted years to their training to perfect their techniques.

This attention to detail and incredible skill is evident in our portrayal plates and urns, our great platters, and our tableware from DerutaUmbria, and Tuscany.

To conclude:

Watching any portion of production, even if you have read about it lengthily or seen it before, is always a head-shaking knowledge. The craftsmanship, the techniques, and emotional intensity endowed in this ancient multi-stage creation process thrills and boggled the mind for Italian Pottery.

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