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Rich pottery culture of Italy


Italian pottery is offering the best and finest imported pottery and volcanic tables at very low discounted prices. Our family scours Italian countryside are searching for very interesting and creative Italian ceramic pattern and designs, and Italians are proud in bringing their hand-painted and handmade ceramic delights. The ceramics used are imported are defined as Majolica. If an item in needed to be well considered then it should be made of European red clay. Items are dried after being fired for the first time, dipped it a white chalky coating over which freehand design can be painted entirely with glazes of lead-free mineral. To bring out the color of various minerals, it is fired once more. Italians can carry the largest collection of handmade, quality and hand-decorated Italian ceramics and some volcanic tables in the west, which is used to provide very beautiful and unique items for homes and gardens. Italian extensive selections come from Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily and many other regions of Italy also. Mostly it is bought from small workshops where artisans work with their families to produce individual works of art using techniques handed down by many generations. Many of the designs featured are having date back countless generations. Renaissance artwork is also a source of derivation. Most factories are using similar color palette. Perfectly set table is created by the complement of majority of the Italian pieces beautifully. To this day, we are taking a lot of pride in offering these unique,beautiful and individual works of art.Italian pottery is having following some basic items:

  • Umbria
  • Deruta
  • Amalfi
  • Parrucca
  • Leona
  • Ornato
  • Giardino
  • One of a kind
  • Cortile
  • Quadri
  • Bellarte
  • And many more

A list of Italian dinnerware is ordered worldwide. Italian cuisine has been developed through a lot of centuries of political and social changes which is having roots as far as fourth century BC. Significant changes have occurred after the discovery of New World and introduction of bell peppers, maize, tomatoes and potatoes.

Rosters history in Italian dinnerware:

The origin of rooster Italian dinnerware pitcher is as old as Renaissance time in the republic of Florence which was under the influence of Medici Family. At that time Medici was very powerful and wealthy family in the republic with their enemy being Pazzi family. At that time Pazzi were trying their best to take control over the power but the only way they knew was assassination. Medici always liked to throw parties for whole villages. Giuliano was known for his parties. The pazzi was planning to kill the Giuliano and his guards after a festival, when everybody will be good and drunk. In fall 1478, Giuliana went to gallina to throw a party and festival. The assassin hired by the pazzi would have succeeded except the assassins needed to cross the rooster yard to get in to the village. At the sound of intruders, all roosters started to crow in such frenzy way that guards and Giuliano woke up. This resulted in capturing of the assassins. The assassins were executed eventually.

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